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Choose your programIn Movehability, the training is designed to create a habit of movement inserted into your lifestyle. No matter what your goal is, choose your program and train for life

Everybody is different and so your bodyThere is no one like you. You have the power to change. Create the habits. Make an smarter use of your training time, connect with your body and create healthy habits of movement with all the programs that Movehability can offer in the different stages of your life.

What means “Special Conditions”?Get all the physical, emotional; and psychological benefits of training in a holistic, intense and efficient way. In Movehability all programs are organised in a similar way so you can move from one to another according the different goals or situations in your life

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A long-term training system that is adaptable to any stage and circumstances throughout your life
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It is based on Moderate activities and Persistency and organised in levels and intensities in a way that you can always train. We believe a continuous effort everyday makes a big difference in the long term.
Personal Training Programs


It works the body from inside out, using the deep muscles stabilising your body first. No need of heavy weights. Lean body.fat burn zone, safe