To move better

Think long-term. Think lifestyle change. Let’s focus on the movements we do every day, change your posture, create the habit and get fit for life.

Rehab and special conditions

We are made to move, no matter what. Movement is in our nature. Chronic injuries. Chronic illnesses. Pregnancy. Elderly. Arthrosis. Arthritis. Osteoporosis. Cardiovascular diseases. Disabilities. Cancer. We all need it. We need to train you just need to change the way, let me help you with it.

to look better

Feel confident in any situation. Getting married or going on holidays, or just work or social events that makes you think about improving your image. Do you have target areas that you find difficult to change and you always wondered why? You are in the right place to start training.

To feel better

Feel good in your skin, is not about training just to look good, but to feel good. It’s a mind set journey to find the balance, to listen to your body, and connect with a happier you.

To perform better

By applying the appropriate knowledges based on Sport science, and adapting the right technique in the more efficient way, We seek to promote a holistic approach to quality of movement.


At Movehability using our Online Personal Training, we believe that humans are made to move. Whether it’s walking, running, jumping, skipping, dancing, or climbing, movement is good for us and we were born to do it. so why don’t we?

Our increasingly sedentary lifestyles mean that we are moving less and less, so we are no longer used to free movement. When you are limited in this way, stuck without progression and not getting the results you desire, the services of qualified, professional personal trainers come into play.

So, why do you need online personal training?

 Personal Trainer Canary WharfOnline personal training for beginners

There are lots of different reasons why people want to start training and aim for a healthier lifestyle… It may be that you don’t feel happy about how you look, you are getting older and you are worried about your long-term health, or you may have developed a health condition and your doctor has recommended that you improve your fitness. It might sound obvious, but not knowing where or how to begin can be the first stumbling block for many people.

Your Movehability online personal training program will guide you from the start, helping you to create new, good habits that you can stick to for the longer term.

 Personal Trainer Near MeOnline personal training for those who need a boost

When you start training, the benefits of physical activity are initially obvious, which is a great feeling! However after some time it can seem as though you stop getting results or at least the results you are expecting. There are two main reasons why this could happen:

  • Training is a process where you put your body into a stressful situation, your body reacts to this and starts to adapt to it. As a consequence you stop getting results.
  • The body adapts to our functional movement, allowing muscles to become lazy and forget their real function and letting a stronger muscle takes over. As a consequence, this creates some unbalances in the body that could develop into injuries.

Your Movehability online personal training program will find the unbalances in your body through muscle activation and create new ways to challenge your body in a progressive way.

Personal Trainer East LondonOnline personal training for illness, injuries or special conditions

Whether you have been training regularly and suffered a sport-related injured, or if you have been diagnosed with a special condition or chronic illness, training may be the best way to a long-term recovery. In these circumstances, however, exercise management is absolutely vital.

Your Movehability online personal training program will be a bespoke training plan for you based on the type of activities and exercises would benefit you most, taking into account your specific condition.

Personal Fitness Trainer Online personal training for a specific goal

In life, there are always certain goals that we are working towards, and this can change ad adapt as we enter different stages of our lives. Some people want to work towards looking their best for a big holiday or their wedding, others may want to consider their ante-post natal fitness, others may be in training for a specific sporting event such as a marathon. Many of these instances will involve a desired time-frame and using the right training and exercise systems and techniques is the key to success.

Your Movehability online personal training program will draw on the knowledge and experience of our personal trainers to help you achieve your optimum level of fitness in the desired time frame.



  • Flexibility – Work to your own schedule, from anywhere, at anytime
  • Motivation – Contact to your personal trainer with just a click
  • Accountability – Track your own progress and results
  • Learn – Watch video demonstrations of each exercise with detailed descriptions
  • Feedback – Send your comments directly to your personal trainer as well as videos and images of your progression for feedback and correction
  • Guidance – Helping you to know what to do and how to do it
  • Easier communication
  • Affordability
  • Get the results you want.


Movehability is a type of online personal training that has been developed in a holistic way to promote good health. Our method perfectly blends ballet, fitness, gymnastics, rehabilitation, and muscle activation techniques. It’s based in moderate intensity and it creates neurological connections that will take the best out of your workout making it more efficient, injury free and health boosting.

Movehability offers the knowledge and experience of a highly qualified personal trainer in a way that is affordable for everyone. With our expert online personal training guidance, you can train in a gym, in a park, or at home because there no need for big space or lots of equipment – all you need to know is what to do and how. We will help you to create new, good habits, to move better, to feel better, and to ultimately look better.

 Cheap Personal TrainerHow does Movehability method work?

  • Because we use ballet techniques that are adapted to fitness, it is perfect for postural correction and there is no need to use heavy weights
  • We use movement methods that allow the muscles to stretch and contract without any extra pressure on the joints and ligaments
  • We include an active stretch to increase and improve mobility when needed
  • The moderate intensity promotes the most efficient fat burning
  • It is easy to learn and do and we will focus on creating a habit of movement
  • By incorporating breathing into every movement and engaging specific muscle areas, your abdominals and pelvic floor will get stronger
  • We have special online personal training techniques that help with the treatment and prevention of arthritis, hyper-flexibility, and other joint conditions
  • You can do the programs all the time even if you are not feeling 100%, as they are designed to push the immune system and help you to feel better.

In Movehability your goal is our goal, so we will bring all of our online personal training resources and efforts together to help you achieve it.

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Movehability philosophy

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Online Personal Training


A long-term training system that is adaptable to any stage and circumstances throughout your life.
It is based on activating the muscles you need to move better, feel better and to look better, by creating daily-life habits. These muscles will get stronger and unconsciously remain active forever.
Personal Training Canary Wharf


Everybody can benefit from this training System. No matter your age or fitness level.
It is based on Moderate activities and Persistentsy and organised in levels and intensities in a way that you can always train. We believe a continuous effort everyday makes a big difference in the long term.
Physical Training E14


It works the body from inside out, using the deep muscles stabilising your body first.
No need of heavy weights. Lean body-fat burn zone. Safe. It creates habits of movement that corrects and hold your posture. It uses a specific technique based on Ballet that release stress in the joints. It works using a specific technique that connects your body with your mind and the more you applied it the more efficient it becomes using less weight.

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